are What precautions are you taking with Covid-19?

We have taken strong action to protect the safety of our associates and customers, to ensure business continuity and continue to service our customers. We are following all guidelines.


Where does your produce come from?

We source the freshest produce from different growing regions, depending on the season.  When available, we source our produce from dozens of different farmers all over the state of Colorado. 


Where did the "Surprise" bag go?

Don't worry! It is still available; it just got a name upgrade.  It is now known as "Picker's Choice" bag.


What comes in my "Picker's Choice" bag?

Items will vary every week.  It includes fresh produce we have purchased at a special price, seasonal items, and/or products we have extra quantities of. It forces you to maybe try things you would not normally cook.  It also is value added - you pay $20 and we load it up with double the goodies.


When will I get my produce?

Due to our high volume of orders we are requiring 2 days from the day you placed your order. (WE ARE CLOSED SUNDAY'S, so do not count Sunday's in your 2day) We do only go up to Fort Collins 3days/week, so consider the 2 day rule as it aligns with the M,W,F route to Northern Colorado.

We do have an expedited option - you can pay a small fee for next day delivery.


How will I know my produce has been delivered?

We send out a notification to you that your produce has been delivered via text or email. (Whichever contact info you provided)


Do you use plastic?

We are actively taking actions to reduce our carbon footprint. We use paper bags to deliver your fresh produce to you. Any produce that needs to be individually bagged (due to moisture or being a delicate item) is carefully done so with BioBag compostable bags!


Do you recycle bags?

At this time due to Covid-19 and following all guidelines, we are unable to reuse and recycle bags. In the future, when things become more safe, we will implement recycling practices into our services. We would love to be able to provide quality, cloth totes down the road and reuse those.


Why do you have delivery fees?

Delivery fees are necessary at this time to cover the costs associated with doing a home delivery service - labor, fuel, upkeep on our deliver vehicles, etc. 

In addition to those expenses, each order takes time to assemble. We have to carefully and strategically place produce in every bag. We also are one of the only companies offering a Build Your Own option. As you can imagine every personalized order is different.


Why do you require 2 days?

As previously stated, each order takes time to make and  pack up.  It makes it a tad easier for us logistically having a 2day lead.  


What if I need my produce sooner than 2 days?

If you are in a pinch, we do have an option to expedite your order and will make it happen!


What are the delivery times?

Since we mix home deliveries in with our wholesale routes, we cannot predict delivery times. Plus, in the wholesale produce industry - timing is a tad tricky to estimate. Sometimes we are waiting on a late truck from California. Sometimes there are unexpected traffic incidents. We just never know. We will send you a confirmation of deliver via text or email when your order has been delivered.  If you would like to leave a cooler outside, let us know and we will place your produce in there.


Are you continuing this long term?

We sure are! This service is here to stay!


Why us?

We are a women owned, Colorado small business. We love produce and we truly believe in living a life of service.